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Watch what EFT can do for traumatized veterans in this clip on another web site. (Then use your “back” button to return to this page.) If EFT can bring peace to vets with severe PTSD like you see in this clip, imagine how it might help you.

The next 2 videos are some of many posted on Youtube by Robert Smith, one of the most talented EFT practitioners in the country. Robert uses his own unique form of the technique which he calls “Faster EFT.” In the first clip, you see Robert eliminate the emotional trauma a woman has carried since she was 7-years old. And this is “lasting” relief. The second video of the same woman is from a workshop 4 years later, where she reveals details about her childhood trauma.



I must admit the last part of that second video, where Michelle talks about tapping while she’s going to the casino, sounds a bit wacky, but what she was probably doing was eliminating feelings of self-doubt and nervousness, perhaps processing self-criticism related to how she might feel if she lost all her money.

The videos below are about TFT therapists. TFT stands for Thought Field Therapy, the more complex tapping process upon which EFT is based.) These therapists visited Rwanda after the civil war to work with the many abused and traumatized survivors. Imagine how traumatized you would be after seeing family and friends butchered. Caroline Sakai tells of wonderful results achieved with the tapping.

Pt 1: Caroline Sakai, PhD, Talks About Rwanda Genocide Trauma

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Singing Rwandan Orphans greet ATFT Relief Team:

Rwandan Teacher Speaks of Changes in the Orphans
(resulting from Thought Field Therapy - TFT)

Orphaned Boy in Rwanda (talks about what the tapping did)

Introduction to the ATFT Rwanda Orphans Project

The Power of EFT - More EFT video testimonials

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