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Your Own Private Island of Peace and Tranquility

The broad range of emotional and physical problems Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) can relieve is so vast I can’t help thinking we EFT practitioners  (who use it daily) feel like we’re living on a private island away from grinding pressures of life that depress so many people. 

History of Emotional Freedom Techniques ( EFT )

     Emotional Freedom Techniques creator, Gary Craig - Thought Field Therapy creator, Roger
     Callahan, Ph.D. - Mary's intense fear of water
3.)  What is EFT?  ( Does emotional upset cause physical problems? )

     Deadly Emotions, a book by Don Colbert, M.D. never mentions EFT,
     but does explore the relationship between negative emotions and illness.

EFT Testimonials - Beyond Belief - True stories of amazing relief
                                   reported by people using EFT for many issues.

How to Get Over Extreme Disappointment Fast with EFT
     Can You Get Over Extreme Disappointment in minutes instead of months with EFT?

Overcome Disappointment Fast Instead of Just Coping and Dealing With It 
     For site visitors with no prior knowledge of EFT.
     ( This explanation introduces the article: "Relieve or Erase Disappointment with EFT" )
Emotional Freedom Techniques - Services

     EFT by phone -  EFT Workshops -  EFT in the Workplace -
     EFT in Church -  EFT in Schools  - EFT in Churches -
     EFT in Juvenile and Adult Correctional Facilities

Steve DeSanto's Disclaimer

Famous Authorities Can Be Wrong!

     History is filled with experts whose belief systems were closed to new possibilities
     that later became accepted fact. Will you be as blind as they were?

Is EFT a Scam?

TIME TRAVEL TRAUMA RELIEF - The technique you can use to eliminate your trauma for                                                                good. Escape the trauma of old memories without meds.

       Escape emotional upset and trauma, sometimes in minutes. Emotional Freedom Techniques        often achieves in 30 minutes what years of traditional counseling and talk therapy couldn't.
       Fly from New York City to Los Angeles and you're there in a few hours. Walking would take
       how long? It you're looking for relief from certain physical or emotional pain, EFT, compared
       to traditional methods is often like flying.
EFT Videos - See EFT in action! - Great way to begin your EFT education

EFT Book List (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and related topics

Free EFT Manual available at EFTuniverse.com
EFT session by phone

EFT Workshops - Fort Wayne, Indiana

EFT for the Workplace

EFT for Schools

EFT for Churches

EFT for Juvenile and Adult Correctional Facilities

EFT for Troubled Teens and children

Negative Emotions and Bad Feelings EFT can Relieve

Are you an EFT skeptic? (Doubts about EFT and whether it works)

EFT and Christianity - Is EFT okay for Christians?

25.)   My
EFT Guarantee May Surprise You

26.)   Testimonial -
EFT Causes 15 Year Hip Pain to Disappear for Good

27.)   Testimonial -
83-year-old woman eliminates her 30 years of severe foot pain with EFT
28.)   Testimonial -
Fast Back pain relief after failed surgery without Meds?
29.)   Testimonial -
Using EFT 84-year-old woman recovers the use of her arm after muscles
                             and ligaments were injured -- her doctor was flabbergasted

29.)   Testimonial -
PTSD relief without medications

30.)   Testimonial -
Use EFT to Change How You Feel About Something Annoying

31.)   Testimonial -
How to Relieve Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Without Medication
                             by Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

32.)   Testimonial -
Calming down Teddy, an emotionally disturbed boy

33.)   Testimonial -
How do you neutralize extreme behavior problems

34.)   Testimonial -
Fast relief for frozen shoulder pain - without medications

35.)   Testimonial -
Fast relief for asthma symptoms - without medications

36.)   Testimonial -
A short woman no longer feels intimidated

37.)   Testimonial -
How to get back your sense of taste and smell

38.)   Testimonial -
Get over a headache without medications

39.)   Testimonial -
EFT Apex Effect - More Amazing Than EFT Itself

Relieve Bad Memories For Good Without Drugs

Fast Relief From Depression Without Medication

Relief for Depressed and Traumatized Military Personnel and Veterans
         Without Medications

Fort Wayne Emotional Freedom Techniques Facilitator/Consultant, Steve DeSanto

Contact EFT Consultant/Facilitator, Steve DeSanto - in Fort Wayne, Indiana

EFT in Indiana,  EFT indiana, Fort Wayne EFT Practitioner, Steve DeSanto

EFT might relieve problems no traditional doctor or counselor
         has been able to help you with.

Erase Bad Memories? - Scientists Ignore a Simple Technique That Erases Trauma Fast
       and For Good

Veterans Find Real Relief From PTSD With EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Reports About EFT Relieving PTSD - And How Slow The VA is to Embrace this
         Gentle Process
      (Google “EFT for veterans with PTSD to learn more.)

50.)   Is There a Cure For Asthma?

How to Get Over a Relationship Breakup Fast
         Feel Good About Yourself and Your Future

52.) Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief The Natural Way -  Rapid Relief without Medications

53.) Fast Back Pain Relief Even After Failed Surgery?

Forgiving the Unforgivable May Be Easier Than You Think!

55.) Why do you want to rent or buy a private island?

56.) Powerful EFT Video Testimonials - Dr. Eric Robins, Gary Craig, Heather McKean

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