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 EFT empowers kids to effectively manage their emotions like never before!

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EFT could be your key to emotional freedom too!

Letís face it, disappointment is a part of your life, and growing up is filled with many negative feelings.  But now, with the help of EFT, itís often possible to erase most upsetting feelings and obsessive negative thoughts when they crop
up. (No, it doesnít erase your conscience!) I know this sounds crazy, and thatís why I keep repeating it, because it just sounds too good to be true.

Examine this checklist.

Can you relate to any of the following?

1.) I hate school.

2.) I broke up with somebody and feel sad and lost. 

3.) Something happened that upsets me enough I can't sleep well.

4.) Iím upset a lot because of something somebody did or said.

5.) I feel like I just don't fit in.

6.) My family just moved and I miss my friends, my old neighborhood
     and everything.

7.) Iím afraid of certain situations or certain people.

8.) Iím really upset because I donít know what to do with my life.

9.) Something happened that upsets me a lot, but I don't want to talk about it
     with anyone.

Think hard about that last one, because Iím serious here.  EFT can relieve your upset even if the upsetting subject is not revealed to the EFT practitioner you are working with! Did you hear me? You can keep your issue totally private... and EFT can still help you! Amazing, huh? The reason it still works is because you do the
EFT tapping while youíre ďthinkingĒ about the subject. Okay! Okay! I hear you. Maybe the thing that bothers you is way too painful to think about. Well, EFT can still erase the upset you THINK you MIGHT feel if you thought about it.  I know, it still sounds unbelievable! And yet, itís true. It really works.

And remember, EFT can be done over the phone. I teach you and walk you through the process. Isnít that enough to make you want to call and hear more details?  

EFT can neutralize most negative emotional intensity on any subject or trauma.

Hereís a list to help you pick out things youíll want to address with EFT, issues
you want to say goodbye to.  Can you imagine how you would feel if you could get over a few of these? I want you to understand, EFT will not erase negative emotions so you never have another feeling of upset, but itís a self-help tool you can use to address upsetting feelings when they arise.

feeling sad
feeling hurt
feeling depressed
feeling worthless
feeling inadequate and useless
feeling weak and ineffective
feeling hopeless
feeling abandoned
feeling regret
feeling shame
feeling shy
feeling uncomfortable
feeling alienated
feeling shocked
feeling confused
feeling frightened
feeling trapped
feeling nervous & anxious
feeling timid
feeling tense
feeling afraid
feeling mixed up
feeling worried
feeling indignant
feeling mad
feeling annoyed
feeling beaten down
feeling disrespected
feeling embarrassed
feeling humiliated
feeling inferior
feeling criticized
feeling embarrassed
feeling ridiculed
feeling bossed around
feeling controlled
feeling manipulated
feeling forced
feeling over-controlled
feeling powerless
feeling misunderstood