Skeptical of EFT

  Skeptics who learn Emotional Freedom Techniques find real relief

Welcome to the EFT skeptics club.

Will it take you as long as it took David Feinstein to understand what this stuff is all about? David is one of the authors of a book about EFT called, The Promise of Energy Psychology. Heís also a psychologist who taught at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  He tells of his wife, Donna Eden, one of the co- authors, being involved in natural healing practices and EFT. For years, he saw people coming to her and being healed, yet, for the first 19 years he didnít know what to make of her work! Imagine that. Nineteen years! It wasnít until she asked him to help her write the book that he got involved enough to really understand it.  I hope for your sake it doesnít take you that long to try EFT.     (Do you want to be like
these skeptics?)

Besides the books listed on my
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