Fast Pain and Depression Relief Without Medication

 EFT is the self-help change agent that gives you The Advantage

     Beyond Belief ?  Not After You Feel Relief !

 Here are examples of specific cases and other issues I’ve worked with.

1.) A college girl had suffered with a nonstop headache for 5 weeks. After two rounds of EFT tapping, her headache completely vanished. The entire session that included a brief explanation of EFT lasted about 5 minutes.

2.) A man with a painful shoulder reported being unable to move his arm freely. The disabling pain, he said, was interfering with his work. After a couple rounds of EFT, the pain level dropped, but was definitely still there. Suspecting this was related to an emotional issue, we targeted a major upset in his life and did more tapping. The rest of the pain vanished. He grinned as he exercised his arm trying to get the pain to return by reaching above his head.  But no, the pain was gone. “Oh, man! Steve,” he exclaimed. “This is amazing. I’ve had that pain for 2 years! Two years!” Another 2 years passed ... and the pain was still gone.

3.) A physical therapist - that’s right, a physical therapist - had what she called arthritic fingers. She held up her hand displaying three fingers slightly curled. “They’re too painful to straighten,” she told me.  After targeting a couple of work-related emotional issues, she looked surprised and puzzled as she flexed her hand and straightened her fingers which now felt no pain! Weeks later, she reported her hand still felt pain free and normal. Yet, like many who get relief with EFT, this woman seems to have little interest in learning more about the technique and all the issues it can relieve.

4.) Over the phone, a man with multiple sclerosis learned the tapping and addressed pain in his leg. The pain vanished. He also targeted extreme anger and animosity toward his mother who had been dead for several years. Years ago, she had rejected him and he was forced to move out of the family home. After 3 or 4 rounds of EFT on this issue, he said his anger and animosity were gone.

5.) An elderly woman’s gout pain gone in minutes. The woman in her 80’s said she had suffered with gout pain in her big toe for weeks. At night, even the touch of her bed sheet on the toe caused disturbing pain. After we addressed this issue with EFT for a couple of minutes, her pain was gone.

6.) Eighteen years of back pain gone in minutes - A middle-aged woman I worked with had suffered constant back pain for 18 years. She had submitted to 4 back surgeries, but none brought any pain relief. And she was being urged by her doctor to undergo yet another “procedure.” After I worked with her for 15-20 minutes, her back pain vanished.

7.) Use EFT to Relieve or Erase Your Disappointment -To me this is a major achievement. I wonder how many people who don’t know EFT will even believe this is possible. But for EFT practitioners, even beginners,
my testimonial will help you do the same for yourself. 


EFT Testimonials ...

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