College Students get rapid relief from depression with EFT - No Medications

 Emotional Freedom Techniques Training --  Fort Wayne, Indiana

Are you just out of high school . . . or in college?

Feeling depressed? I remember years ago when I was a high school senior. Yes, those times were different in some ways. But everyone, no matter what year it
is, experiences upheaval as he or she transitions from one stage of life to the
next.  Even though I was headed to college, I didnít really want to think about it. Period. Leaving a secure, comfortable home for the unknown of someplace else was unsettling. This happens whether youíre off to college or getting your first real job and moving to an apartment. What is it going to be like, you wonder?

As you deal with unresolved issues and choices that will affect your future, the feelings you have are not comfortable. In some cases, this time of life can cause your mood to be more than a little depressed. Depression often results from thinking the same conflicting and uncertain thoughts over and over again.

 Every day youíre alive you learn something that can help you on your journey through life, but thatís small comfort when youíre in the midst of life changes and fearing The Unknown Future . EFT can relieve these unsettling feelings and the depression you feel, and can also help you overcome self-defeating beliefs and habits.
Email me. Letís talk about the possibilities. Ask me a bunch of questions.

Iím going to repeat what I said elsewhere because it really is one of the more amazing aspects of EFT:

 EFT can relieve your upset about something even if the upsetting subject is not revealed!  (Read that again, because this is one thing that sets EFT apart from traditional forms of counseling.)

Thatís right. You can keep your issue totally private if you want to... and EFT can still help you. The reason it still works is because you do the EFT tapping while youíre ďthinkingĒ about the subject. I know, maybe the thing that bothers you is too painful to even think about. Well, EFT can still erase the upset you THINK you MIGHT feel IF you thought about it in detail. In other words, the process can be used to erase suspected upset before you actually face your real problem head on.

And remember, EFT can be done over the phone. I teach and walk you through the process. Imagine what your life could be like if you had no more limiting beliefs, no more unnatural fears that you know prevent you from having a positive self imagine.   Maybe itís time to call me with any doubts or questions about this amazing process.