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                     The Power of EFT - Video Testimonials

 Watch the amazing EFT video testimonials below, and you will want to learn all about this simple process and how to use it effectively.

Video #1 - Here is Gary Craig, the creator of EFT talking about what it can do in
a riveting 6 minutes.

Video #2 -  Traditionally trained urologist and surgeon, Dr. Eric Robins, tells about his phenomenal success using EFT in his practice at the Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center in Harbor City, California.      

Video #3 -  This is the most powerful EFT testimonial Iíve ever seen! Heather McKean tells about her condition and all the diagnosed illnesses she had before she learned and used EFT to clear them. She had been taking 100+ pills a day. This testimony was taped at a Robert Smith Faster EFT workshop.

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