Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief The Natural Way With EFT -  Erase the Pain & Restore Full Range of Motion Without Medications

         Fast & Lasting Pain Relief for Your Frozen Shoulder -- Using EFT

       Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief The Natural Way

Erase the Pain & Restore Full Range of Motion Without Medications

You have a frozen shoulder and it hurts. It hurts to move your arm more than a few inches. It's been this way for weeks, or months, maybe years. The pain impairs your ability to sleep. The pain hampers you at work. Sometimes it depresses you. You go to doctors. They give you a cortisone shot. But it wears off, and you're back to square one. You've tried pain meds. Sometimes they help. A little. You've asked yourself, "When will my arm be normal again?"

Then one day, you attend a party. It's late. Most of the guests are gone.  Your spouse introduces you to an old friend named Jim who says he might be able to help you get rid of your shoulder pain and help your arm regain full range of motion within 30 minutes. You look at this pleasant man and think, Yeah, right! Doctors can't help, and this joker thinks he can work a miracle? But you're polite, and you ask him why he thinks he can help when doctors haven't been able to.

"Well," he says, "let's just say I've helped a number of people just like you -- people with the same problem." He tells you about a strange, non-medical process called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) that has something to do with tapping your finger tips on acupuncture energy meridians. Sounds crazy, especially when he calls it energy balancing, then he asks if you'd like to give it a try. As he's talking, you're rubbing your shoulder and thinking, this pain just won't quit. Then you hear Jim ask again, "Would you like to try it? It might help. What do you have to lose but a little time?"

You think, what the heck, nothing ventured nothing gained. But out loud you say, "Tell me more. What exactly is involved?"

Jim explains how tapping with your fingers on certain acupoints on your face and body while you repeat phrases referencing your problem neutralizes energy associated with the pain and causes it to diminish and often disappear. He says, "Follow along as I show you what to do and what to say, and you might be pain free in a very short time, especially considering how long you've lived with your problem. "

He asks you to rate your shoulder/arm pain on a scale of 0 to 10. You say, "It's about an 8, but it would be higher depending on how I move my arm." You follow along with Jim's wording and tapping, but you feel silly.

After the first round of tapping, which took about a minute, you feel even sillier because, just like you thought, nothing happened. This is hocus pocus, woo-woo stuff.

Your shoulder still hurts and you can't move your arm more than a few inches without your pain shooting way up.

Jim encourages you to try it again. You humor him and follow along as he leads you through another round of tapping. This time, you feel something change in your shoulder, but you're not sure what. The pain shifted. There's some energy and warmth moving in your entire arm and shoulder. It feels good. You can't repress a smile.

Jim asks, "How is your pain now? What number would you give it?"

"It's better," you say.  "Itís about a 6."

You do another round of tapping since Jim says the more tapping you do, the more likely you are to get real lasting relief.  But after two more complete rounds, your shoulder still hurts and the intensity has only dropped to a 5. You're sure this relief is temporary. It probably happened because all the tapping distracted you from your pain.

A couple of late guests have hung around and are talking to your spouse and watching the progress of your tapping session. 

Jim says, "A primary component of this process involves eliminating intensity of upsetting memories or negative issues that somehow hold physical problems in place. What I want you to do is think back to before this pain began. Did something happen that got you upset?Ē

Immediately, an event pops into your mind, but you say nothing.

Jim says, "Can you think of something?

You nod.

"Okay," he says, "How high would your intensity level go if you thought about it in detail?"

You say 10, and realize just remembering the incident is making you very tense and upset. This isn't what you bargained for.

Now, this story could end right here. You're more upset by the emotional issue than you are about your frozen shoulder, even though the shoulder's been hounding you for a long time. You think maybe you should make an excuse and leave. But you donít.

You decide to continue the EFT process with Jim and see what happens. Youíre intrigued.

Jim says, "Don't think about the upsetting incident now, just give it a short title. What would you call it?"

"That Friday Afternoon," you tell him, knowing such a general title would reveal virtually nothing about what really happened.

"Okay," Jim says, "Let's do a couple rounds of tapping while you repeat "This Friday Afternoon memory upsets me."

You follow along with him as he repeats the phrase and taps on the acupoints. After about a minute, Jim says, "Now focus on your Friday Afternoon memory. What intensity number would you give it now?"

You're surprised because the memory was so strong a few moments ago. You say, "Wow, it's only about a 3 now."

Jim says, "Let's do another round of tapping and change the phrase a little bit."  A couple minutes later after repeating the process, you're admitting your memory now holds no intensity and is not upsetting you at all now.

"How far can you move your arm without feeling pain," Jim asks. 

You move your arm a tiny bit, then a few more inches. Hmmm. That's odd. "It's not hurting at all." You smile and look at Jim.

He's smiling too. "How far can you raise your arm without feeling pain?"

Slowly, you raise it and discover that no matter how far you raise it, no pain returns. "I can't believe this," you say, continuing to twist, bend, and test your formerly painful arm. "This is amazing," you say. "How long will it last?"

"That's hard to say," Jim says, "But considering you addressed a particularly upsetting incident that was probably related to why you had your frozen shoulder condition, I suspect your arm and shoulder will remain pain free. But if it comes back, you know how to address it all by yourself with EFT. This isn't rocket science."

You shake your head, still finding it hard to believe your pain relief is real. You tell Jim, "I've been to doctors who couldn't help me much, and now in a few minutes the pain is gone.
I can move my arm normally. This is really unbelievable!" 

"It is, isn't it," Jim says. I hope you'll do some reading and learn more about EFT. You'll be able to do more than a lot of doctors can do, at least for certain conditions. There's nothing like having the ability to help yourself and your family without resorting to dangerous drugs and worrying about drug side effects. You couldnít agree more with that.


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