Fast Back Pain Relief With EFT -  No Medication - No Surgery

   Rapid Relief from back pain is often possible without exercise or medication!  

   Fast Back Pain Relief Even After Failed Surgery?

If your back pain has been plaguing you for weeks, months, or years, and if you want a real solution, then you might welcome the fact that the relief method I'm talking about has nothing to do with medication or surgery.  If you think getting relief from pain "must" involve the medical profession, you should probably not be reading this. Certain kinds of pain might be held in place by negative emotions. Does that surprise you?

If you've had surgery for your back, one or more times, and don’t know what else to do to find relief, you might welcome what I have to tell you.
I suffered from back pain over a period of 15-20 years. It was off and on. Sometimes it came on slowly, and other times it hit me suddenly, causing me to grab the nearest piece of furniture or counter top to keep from falling.

My worst bout of back pain incapacitated me for a week and a half, and I had to stay in bed. Going to the toilet meant sliding slowly out of bed onto the floor and crawling to the bathroom and back if no one was there to help. Other times my wife helped me. Once the pain was so bad, the symptoms that appeared scared me into thinking I was having a heart attack. I eased myself to the floor and lay there, feeling tingling in my hands. My heart was pounding as the tingling crawled up my arms. I was breathing very deeply. When the ambulance arrived, the emergency tech told me I was probably only hyperventilating. And although I decided to go to the hospital in case he was wrong, the tech turned out to be right. It was hyperventilation, brought on by the pain.  It was a one time occurrance. Interestingly, while I was in the emergency room, I heard that a young teenage boy was also there for the same reason, hyperventilation, and he, too, assumed he was having a heart attack. (This made me wonder why we never hear public service announcements informing us of the difference between symptoms of hyperventilating and heart attack.)

Eventually, I read an important book by Dr. John Sarno called Healing Back Pain.
Dr. Sarno specialized in helping people with back pain who were at their wits end. Many of his patients had so-called failed back surgeries.  I highly recommend his book. Anyway, I think he said over 80 percent of his patients got better. That's a pretty good success rate. Strangely, many doctors don't seem to understand that many back pain cases are stress induced, which is what Dr. Sarno knew and wrote about. Sarno helped his patients get better by counseling them on how to get over the stress factors. Does that sound too simple to you? Dr. Sarno told about a research study on back pain involving 2 groups of people. One had pain and the other had none. Interestingly, their backs were the same. Both groups had pinched nerves and bulging or degenerated discs. The point of the study was that the physical condition of their backs didn’t seem to be the cause of the pain. 

My next door neighbor was the person who loaned me “Healing Back Pain.” He’d learned about it from a friend with back pain who had been considering surgery. The man’s back had plagued him for 2 years before he found the Sarno book.  He read it, and started feeling better. After reading it two more times, his back was feeling normal again. No pain. And remember, that was after 2 solid years of pain. That story was enough to convince me I should read the book myself. And as I read it, the ideas he presented helped me quite a bit. My own pain began to fade.

Now, my primary reason for writing all of this is not to promote Dr. Sarno's book, even though I obviously found it very helpful.  My reason is that since those days, I have come across something far more powerful than that book. About 6 years ago, I learned a process called Emotional Freedom Techniques, often called EFT or Tapping. This technique is a means of relieving yourself of emotional upset of all kinds. EFT can help you relieve your own back pain, and so much more. EFT was, in fact, how I erased my remaining lower back pain.

EFT often works so fast people find it hard to believe. It doesn't always bring relief in minutes, but it often does. Every person is different.  I once met a woman in a hospital where I was visiting a family member.  She had many issues that could benefit from knowing and using
EFT, but back pain was her most serious problem. She said her back pain resulted from a bad fall 18 years ago. Since then, she had experienced 3 or 4 failed back surgeries and was considering another one. I did a brief EFT session with her in a waiting area and all of her pain disappeared. She was amazed. I asked her if she had ever had that kind of relief since her original fall. Her reply was, "No, never." I was amazed, myself, and said, "You mean you haven't had back pain relief like this in 18 years, and she said, "No."

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