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                   This article is for those who know nothing about EFT. Consequently,                                            I expect you will be very surprised and pleased by what you learn.

Reading this article could be the beginning of something that will change your life and revolutionize how you deal with your emotions. If you found this page on Google, you might have noticed phrases like: "living with," "coping with," and "dealing with disappointment." They mean essentially the same thing. But "overcoming" and "getting over" represent a distinct viewpoint shift. Most people would say I'm being too picky about words used in search phrases because any person discussing how to avoid being overwhelmed by disappointment might use any of those phrases to grab your attention. Then the author would go on to discuss solutions. Okay, I buy that.
But I still think word choice hints at a certain mindset. For instance, "Living with disappointment," suggests you'll never get over it, while "overcoming" means you can. I've looked at some of those other web sites. They have good advice and discuss ways to change how you think about whatever it is that disappoints you. Their insights suggest you can live with or deal with disappointment more successfully by reconsidering your problems from different vantage points. And that makes good sense, too.

However, the reason for this page is to distinguish what I'm offering from those that merely talk about rethinking your problems. 

I'm here to say you can get over feelings of disappointment without rethinking your situation. I know this may sound unusual, but it's really not, and I'll give you 2 examples. Before I do, know up front these examples are nothing compared to The Technique I'll introduce to you later. So stay with me a minute.

1.) Sleep –  That's right. Isn't it true that lack of sleep sometimes leads to feeling more stressed out about something? You go to bed feeling terrible about something, then wake up the next morning with a different, brighter outlook. You feel like your situation isn’t so bad after all. Why does this happen? I'm not sure, but it's almost like your thought process short-circuits when you're tired and stressed, and regains strength and confident insight after a good rest.

2.) Jogging or just getting some good vigorous exercise can help, too. You breathe deeply, your blood circulation increases, you feel better. Tensions and stresses fade. Articles about depression often advise depressed people to exercise. And exercise is NOT rethinking a problem. It just has a beneficial effect on your body and thought processes.

But...there's a self-help method that can knock out overwhelming disappointment quickly, so quickly that people don't expect to find such a thing when they search the net.  If you've ever gone to a counselor, minister, psychologist, or psychiatrist, you probably were not told about what I will introduce. Most of them don't know it exists, and some who do are very skeptical. Why? Because many people are skeptical about anything new. Others are skeptical because, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Many professionals consider themselves too bright to fall for what they believe is some new pop-psychology, pseudoscientific technique that's long on promises but short on results. The problem with these skeptics is they allow the hype to blind them to the amazingly positive results reported by thousands of people who use this technique.

                 Getting Over Disappointment Can Happen In Minutes!

I'll repeat that heading in case it didn't sink in: Getting over disappointment can happen in minutes. It doesn't seem possible, does it? So, you may be in for the surprise of your life. Contrary to those other articles that suggest you must live with disappointment by dealing with and coping with it, my reason for this article is to introduce a technique that's part mental and part physical, but it’s not just “rethinking” your problem. This process not only changes how you feel, it also causes a positive mental shift in how you think about your problem without having to go through
a reasoning process.

Think about that for a moment. It's not who or what happened that disappoints you, it's "what you think and feel as a result of an event" that makes you upset and disappoints you.

This story illustrates what I mean:  Let’s say you've just been hired by a major company to fill an important position. It's everything you hoped it would be and you're happy. As a result, you and your wife put your house up for sale and begin looking for a bigger, more expensive one. Your house sells. You're negotiating the purchase of your dream home when someone at the office informs you the company has just been sold and your position is being terminated. You check it out. It's true, the company has been sold. You also know that often means heads will roll. In fact, you lost your last job that way. You're devastated and phone your wife. Now you're both upset and disappointed. But a week later, the vice president of your division calls you in, gives you a salary increase and assigns you to direct a new project. You're delighted and surprised. You don't understand. You tell him what you'd been told about losing your job. He can't explain it, but says information often gets changed as one person tells a story and then gives it his own twist. But no, you definitely are not being fired and you are the new project leader.

Here's my point - What you "believed" about your job situation – not reality – was what led you to FEEL overwhelming disappointment. Different thoughts fuel different feelings. Often we have the knowledge within us to change a viewpoint and escape disappointment, but we get stuck rethinking the same negative thoughts which may not even be the truth. Having resources within us to fix our own problems is probably why sleep and exercise can work wonders. Our subconscious works things out for us.

     Overcoming Disappointment, Getting Over Disappointment, Living with Disappointments, Escape Disappointment

Yes, you can escape disappointments. But no, I'm NOT saying a process exists that you use one time and never feel disappointed again! The answer is not that simple. But the more you know how to use this process, you'll discover how to "decrease" your likelihood of being disappointed as often - and get this: when disappointments do crop up, you'll have a way to eliminate them in minutes! Yes, minutes!

               A Simple Process Called Emotional Freedom Techniques

Over the next few years, Emotional Freedom Techniques, better known as EFT, an amazingly simple procedure will revolutionize how people deal with emotional upset and disappointment, as well as a host of other negative issues including physical pain.

Corporations, schools, juvenile detention centers, prisons, hospitals and government institutions that institute an EFT program will be changed beyond recognition. I say this only because EFT is shockingly effective. Few people realize this kind of fast relief is possible. And by the way, you won't be hearing pharmaceutical companies singing it's praises, because as people begin learning EFT, medication sales will taper off and fall. This article will not detail the EFT process because it takes more than a few words, first to explain what it is and then to give adequate background. And finally, if enough words are NOT used to provide a concise picture, you would be one more person un-willing to give EFT a chance. What's more, many people who get terrific results stop using it. Why would that happen if it works? The same people also often don't tell friends about their success with it. Odd, isn't it? Well, there are some good reasons why all this happens, but again, more space is needed to explain what is commonly called The Apex Effect.

 At - the web site started by EFT’s inventor, Gary Craig, you can download a free EFT manual from which you can learn the basics of this simple process. EFTuniverse has a database of hundreds of testimonials written by people from all over the world. After reading just a few, you will begin to realize just how many emotional and physical problems can be relieved by this surprising technique. And you’ll probably continue to be a skeptic like everyone is when they first hear about what it is.   

Whoever heard of getting over disappointment in a few minutes? It's possible with EFT. This article exists only to point out the major difference that separates this near miraculous technique that can erase disappointment from all those other sites talking only about rethinking. If you want the fastest transportation from one coast to the other, would you rather walk...or fly? EFT is like flying compared to reasoning and traditional talk therapy.

Do you want to “deal” with overwhelming disappointment? Or do you want to eliminate it?

               Get Over Disappointment Fast,  Overcome Disappointment in a short time, Dealing with Disappointments, Coping with Disappointment

Here are some options:

1.) You could read my page: What is EFT? Then read my article on how to
“Relieve or Erase Disappointment with EFT.” But even then you wouldn’t yet                  know how to actually use EFT, so skipping to option 3 might be your best bet.

2.) You could go to my homepage where you'll find links to many other pages.                        You will also see a link to EFT videos there.

3.) You could go to and download the free EFT manual, learn all
     about the technique, then come back and read "
Relieve or Erase Disappointment          with EFT.”

4.) You could contact me for a FREE initial consultation and ask a bunch of questions.


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