ERASE BAD MEMORIES -  How to Erase Bad Memories -  How Can You Erase Bad Memories For Good?                              Scientists Ignore a simple technique that erases trauma fast and for good without drugs

One article on the net about this topic, a supposed breakthrough, carries the title: "Scientists May Soon be Able to Erase Fear and Trauma From Your Mind." In another one, the New York Times reports the same research with this title: "Erasing Your Memories." It begins by asking: "What would your life be like if you could erase certain memories? Maybe you could Ďforgetí about some traumatic event, a deep-seated fear or a relationship gone wrong." Still another story trumpeted: "Your Right to Erase Bad Memories." 

The UK's DailyMail Online carried a report by David Derbyshire: "Pill to Erase Bad Memories: Ethical Furore Over Drugs 'That Threaten Human Identity.' That story begins like this:

"A drug which appears to erase painful memories has been developed by scientists. The astonishing treatment could help sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder and those whose lives are plagued by hurtful recurrent memories..."

Yes, "Astonishing treatment" might be good words to use, but not for the same reason the author intended. I suggest it's one thing for a person to want peace and freedom from traumatic memories or fears, but it's something quite different and disturbing when a scientist suggests actually erasing memories to find that peace.
And I say this because itís not necessary.

Iím fascinated by the apparent ignorance on this topic by a large number of authorities, including science researchers, psychologists and doctors. Today we have the internet which brings easy access to effective new methods for emotional relief. So those authorities could all learn what you are learning on this page if they had a sincere desire to know what was available. But my guess is that university researchers are locked in their boxes of preconceived ideas and beliefs like
these guys.

When I first saw those articles, I wondered how many people knew that drugs were not necessary. Here's what I mean. If you are bothered by traumatic memories or fears and want to escape your trauma, you can do it with a simple process that leaves the memories in place.

Think of a memory as a movie in your head. The movie track is comprised of several elements: pictures, colors, sounds, odors, light, and your "emotional response" to the whole scenario. I'll return to this movie track concept later.

Now, we all know different people respond to the same event in different ways. What traumatizes one might not upset the next. That's why some soldiers suffer PTSD while others don't. Yet, even though we "know" this, for some odd reason we still assume that for a traumatized person, the event that caused the trauma and the resulting emotional upset have become fused as a single entity much like when sodium combines with chlorine to form table salt.

Well, I have good news!

There's a simple process called
Emotional Freedom Techniques, best known as EFT, that has the ability to erase the "emotional response" ( PTSD) from the upsetting memory movie track. And this has been possible for years.

Founded on a more complex process called Thought Field Therapy (TFT),  EFT has been around since the late 1990s, but remains largely unknown by the general public, even though thousands of people around the world use it. Often called "acupuncture for the emotions," EFT involves calling to mind the upsetting event while you tap with your finger tips on several acupuncture points on your face and body. When done properly this erases the traumatic response to the event from the memory movie track, leaving everything else in place to be recalled at will. I realize this sounds impossible to anyone who has carried upsetting memories for many years, because it seems impossible to be able to think about those memories ďwithoutĒ feeling upset or freaking out. But believe me, thatís exactly what EFT can do.

If you happened to stumble on this page while searching for information about how to erase bad memories, youíll want to do some reading on this site to learn more about this amazing EFT technique and how it can help you.
Everyone who first hears about EFT is skeptical, so it might be a good idea to suspend your disbelief for a few days while you do some serious investigation.

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I check the net from time to time, and Iím still surprised by how many researchers still donít know what EFT and related tapping therapies can already achieve.

Erase Bad Memories in Your Sleep? University Researchers Show How
Out of Touch They Are
-is my own title for an article at Go read it.
 It's a report about neuroscientists at Northwestern University's medical school doing studies to find a way to erase bad memories. Yet again, these people assume memories must be erased before they will have no emotional charge or intensity, which just is not true.

Anyway, these particular researchers exposed their human guinea pigs to odors in conjunction with mild electric shocks in experiments that ended up with what
results? A huge breakthrough? I think not! Katherina Hauner, a neurology post doctoral student said about this study, "We showed a small but significant decrease in fear. If it can be extended to pre-existing fear, the bigger picture is that, perhaps, the treatment of phobias can be enhanced during sleep."   

Interesting? Maybe to those who don't realize what is already possible. But I've been teaching people to relieve their own bad memories fast and for good for
years. You know, I was going to say more about the article, but what more can I
say? It seems like EFT practitioners and consultants live in an
alternative reality.

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