Can you treat asthma without medications?

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                 Is There a Cure for Asthma?

           Can I Find Relief From Asthma without Medications?

       Is There a Natural Remedy to Control Asthma Symptoms?

Are questions like these going through your mind? Then stay with me, because I have good news. Let me tell you where Iím coming from. The inspiration for this article came after I read a report about a new asthma treatment touted as a breakthrough. I thought of the many people who would be looking for information about relieving asthma symptoms who might read that article. ( Incidentally, what bothered me about it was that it seemed misleading. But more about that article, later.) I did a Google search and found medical sites saying there was no cure for asthma.

Since Iím not a doctor or licensed healthcare worker, thereís a lot I donít know about the field of medicine. But it might surprise you to know there's a simple, non-drug,
non-herbal, self-help process you can learn that can relieve asthma symptoms. In fact, some asthmatics seem to have had their symptoms disappear for good using this process. And yet, when I read about the so-called breakthrough treatment I mentioned above, it seemed obvious that the doctors and researchers involved had no clue about the invaluable technique I already knew.

My guess is your own doctor hasnít told you about the process I know because he doesn't realize it exists. And you might wonder whether or not to keep reading because Iím not a medical authority. Perhaps the real question to ask yourself is:
 ďAm I going to investigate something that might prove surprisingly helpful, even if it doesnít come from a doctor?Ē

I happen to be a person who stumbled across a technique that thousands of people around the world are using to relieve many conditions, including asthma, and I want as many asthma sufferers to know about it as possible.

Unfortunately, we often allow ourselves to remain locked in a box of preconceived beliefs that prevent us from seeing a present reality. Consider these famous people.

Donít you think this is true for most people? If a doctor or medical journal isnít THE SOURCE of an apparent medical breakthrough, they tend to think itís not worth investigating, or they think itís a scam.  Right? After all, our rational mind tells us doctors and medical researchers are in the business to help people heal. That's their job. They are THE authorities. So, they are the most likely professionals to be the first to learn of any new, effective treatment. 

Well, think about this: There are other healing modalities out there that many people take advantage of because they work. But these alternatives are often based on a belief structure that traditional medical doctors were not trained in. So these are off the radar for most doctors who are used to prescribing pills or doing surgeries.

 Another reason you might not have heard about this healing process is this -- If there's little or no money to be made from a potential cure or relief method, who's going to tell you about it? Don't get me wrong. I'm NOT claiming that what I'm about to tell you is a cure for asthma. How do you define cure, anyway? If you do a net search for the term, ďcure,Ē youíll see a variety of definitions. My wife once had a terrible case of psoriasis that equaled any I'd seen in books on the subject. Doctors, books, and many websites, all said there was no cure for psoriasis. Then she found a book by
Dr.John Pagano whose specialty was curing psoriasis. After following his instructions for several months, her terrible red, scaly skin normalized. That's right, her psoriasis was gone.

Is she cured? Your guess is as good as mine, but itís not there! it's been gone for years. Can you believe doctors when they say there is no cure for something? Or does it just mean they havenít officially learned about one? Or maybe it means something else.

If you can suspend your disbelief for awhile regarding whether or not there is a non- medical way to relieve asthma symptoms, you just might end up surprising yourself.

 And if you're skeptical, that's good. It means you wonít fall for overblown hype with no substance. There's a tendency even for
some authorities to be skeptical when something really new comes along, especially when that ďsomething new" is too far outside their understanding. Automobiles and horses are both a means of Transportation. But when cars first came into use, do you think horse doctors were the best authorities to consult about automobiles? What Iím suggesting is that the people who might know best how to relieve asthma symptoms may not be professionals in the field of traditional medicine. The most helpful information might come from a totally different arena and viewpoint.
               First - The Questionable News -- Then The Really Good News

Rarely does a medical breakthrough appear that promises what you've been looking for without a downside. Then, too, it often comes with a hefty price tag, especially if it's in the field of "medicine."

Of course most medical breakthroughs involve researchers (who need to be paid), and doctors (who also need to be paid). And there are the lab techs (who need to be paid) and -- depending on the kind of breakthrough -- a pharmaceutical company is often somewhere in the mix,  because their business is selling medications. 

Those were my thoughts as I read the following linked articles about the apparent "breakthrough" for treating asthma that inspired me to write this article. Here are those reports:



Read them and return to this website to hear more about what I personally consider much more promising news. You may wonder why you didnít hear about this next protocol ten years ago. Itís been around that long.

   The Self-Help Asthma Relief Technique Most Doctors Don't Know About

 ... is called Emotional Freedom Techniques, (EFT) and has been used for quite a few years by people lucky enough to discover it on the net. Many who use it report surprising relief from asthma symptoms. First read: "What is EFT?" so youíll know what EFT is, then return here to continue reading.

         Fast Relief from Asthma Symptoms with EFT - No Meds Involved!

This testimonial: ď
Medical Doctor Uses EFT for Asthma, High Blood Pressure, and PneumoniaĒ (at explains how Dr. Michael Valenti, uses EFT to relieve asthma symptoms. And if you find it hard to believe asthma is rooted in emotionally upsetting issues instead of a physical substance like pollen or peanuts, youíll be interested to know about this research study on the nocebo effect. Asthma sufferers were exposed to an irritant. Except the irritant was only saline solution. (better known as salt water) Nevertheless, 12 of the asthmatic subjects experienced full-blown attacks until they were ďtreatedĒ - that is, they were treated with a relief agent that was in fact the same salt water. So what does that tell you? The asthmaticsí BELIEF that the substance was what they were told it was was the REAL cause of their asthma attack. Asthma is rooted in negative emotional associations.


"Jane," an older woman, often used a breathing machine when her asthma was at it's worst and held her captive. Yet, from what she told me, it sounded like the machine brought very little relief. "Jane" harbored a great deal of anger toward her deceased mother, who had been quite harsh for many years.

One particular thing her mother had said just before she died angered and shocked Jane, and I had her address her anger with EFT.  She immediately felt great relief and her breathing improved instantly.  Several weeks passed before I saw her again. Jane said she had not used the breathing machine since our session because she just didn't need it. She had been feeling considerably more peaceful.
If you would like to learn EFT so you can pursue relief from your own asthmatic symptoms, you will find a free EFT manual explaining just how to do the process at

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Would this news story:
ď2 Students Face Expulsion For Sharing An Asthma Inhaler,Ē have been written if the school system taught all students to use Emotional Freedom Techniques for their issues, and if the girl had used it?

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