How to bring back your sense of taste and smell

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Reclaim Your Sense of Taste and Smell

Often when a bad cold or the flu takes over your body, you lose your sense of
taste and/or smell. EFT can often restore them, sometimes in minutes. Yet, because other factors can also cause these sensory losses, your guess is as good as mine as to whether you’ll have success achieving positive results. I include this page only because some people have gotten great results.  Emotional issues are most likely a part of the problem (as they are with other physical conditions) if your EFT efforts don’t get anywhere fast.

EFT can help in other circumstances where altering your senses might be
desired. The fact is, people who practice EFT on a regular basis often use it like a magic trick. We’re all fascinated by the number of things it can achieve that we never dreamed of.  My wife, Nadine, and I were in the kitchen one night getting something to eat. She took a bite of food and immediately called it “too salty.” (Keep in mind the way something tastes is personal perception. What
one person likes, another person may hate.) I said, “Let’s try EFT for your
food tasting too salty.” She agreed, and I simply tapped with her on the phrase: “Even though this food tastes too salty...”  That did it. Her perception changed immediately. In fact, I was a bit suspicious that it worked that fast, “You’re not kidding me, are you?” I asked. “No, it really did change!” she said. “It tastes
fine, now.”

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