Rent a Private Island?

      To Rent or Own a Private Island -  Is That Your Real Question?

  Why do you want to rent or own a private island -  My emphasis is on WHY.

This page is probably not about what you thought it was, but have you asked yourself that question and made a list of reasons?

1. Attractive scenery
2. Isolated private location
3. Good investment, etc.
4. Fun & excitement
5. _______________

Did you include your emotional reasons on that list, too?

Seriously, besides those other things, aren't you also escaping difficult people and work stress? Aren't you escaping everyday life and social obligations?

I suspect many people toy with the idea of renting or buying an island. They fantasize about it as the ultimate escape. But is it?

My guess is part of the desire for the island atmosphere is a craving for inner peace. I see some of you shaking your head and saying, "No, you're wrong about that, I just like unique experiences, beautiful places, and a great spot for family or business gatherings. That's all."  Okay, I buy that. And if those are your main reasons, stop reading because this is about a different kind of island.

If you're plagued by bad memories, very old bad memories, or if you're upset by difficult people and upsetting situations a lot, and I'm talking memories and emotional upsets ruining your daily peace of mind, then you just might want to hear what I have to say.

Negative feelings and thoughts come from the beliefs you assign to past interactions and circumstances. If you change those beliefs, you can change
how you feel.  In other words, if you change a belief about an event from negative to positive, or at least to neutral, you will be more at peace. 

Here's a quirky example:

You go to a friend's house for dinner. The table is set elegantly and the food tastes great. The flavors are unusual and rich. Conversation is stimulating. You feel relaxed. You’re smiling a lot. You admire the antique Heisey glassware and stunning original paintings in the room. Then later your friend tells you a little secret, the spicy stir-fry was actually made with mice caught in traps in their pool shed and also with a handful of ants from the backyard. At first you think he's joking, until he shows you a video of his food preparation that he's already posted on Youtube. You'd still be feeling fine and enjoying yourself if you hadn’t been told something that changed your belief about the evening.
Okay, so beliefs are everything. It makes sense that you might want to escape to an island because of very specific beliefs associated with certain people and circumstances. Your real problem is your thinking, not your physical location.

Oh, one more thing about that mice and ant dinner. Before you drive home, your friend reveals another secret. It really was a hoax. He now shows you another video on youtube that reveals the hoax. The food you ate was only beef and spices -- no mice, no ants.  So now you must assign different meanings to the events of the evening. Nothing physically changed. But your beliefs did and so did your emotions.

Now return to your private island fantasy plan.

Are you already living on a private island of bitterness and resentment? Or an island of grief, worry, or fear? Will your mind be taking those thoughts with
you wherever you go? How long will a physical island relieve you of emotional turmoil? Will it bring you closer to "lasting" inner peace?  Will it? Oh, sure, the people and circumstances that bother you won't be present. But how long can you turn off your thinking?

I've said all this to introduce you to a self-help process called Emotional Freedom Techniques, usually referred to as EFT, that can be your ticket to controlling your emotions no matter where you are. No, EFT is not a substitute for a spiritual relationship with God our creator. (
Watch Nick Vujicic in this unforgetable presentation talking about his difficult spiritual journey), a relationship necessary for true inner peace at the deepest level. But EFT,
which is a simple physical and mental technique used by thousands of people around the world, can often relieve traumatic memories and physical pain in
a surprisingly short time. Sometimes minutes! Using EFT might help you feel
like you can escape to your own private island of peace whenever you choose.

I'm not telling you to forget renting or buying an island. But I am saying EFT could give you a unique ability that no physical island will provide. ( Most medical doctors know nothing about EFT, though some do - like
Dr. Eric Robins in this great video testimonial ). After you learn EFT, you will be able to help your family and friends, too. Sometimes ignorance - not a lack of money -  prevents us from reaching our ideal destination.

Begin your research by checking out my "What is EFT?" page, then
read through a list of many issues EFT has been able to relieve. One of the great things about using this process for your own problems is that you won't have to consider medication side effects since EFT has nothing to do with medicine.

 Contact me if you’d like to ask questions. Or explore what’s on this site by checking the topic index.

( Here is a long list of problems EFT can relieve. )