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Fast Relief for Depressed Military Personnel and Veterans is Available Without Resorting to Medications.

And I’m not promoting “talk therapy” either!
This sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Amazingly fast relief is possible with EFT for all kinds of emotional upset, depression, nightmares, and what the mental health community calls PTSD.

Watch this great video of this technique being used with veterans. (Be sure to use your “back button to return to my website.) Take a few minutes to watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

The fact that EFT avoids the use of drugs entirely should be of special interest because side effects of antidepressants and other psych meds include: anxiety, aggression, irritability and suicidal ideation. That’s right, it’s possible that the drugs prescribed to get rid of certain negative feelings and behaviors may actually make them worse. Different people respond to drugs different ways.

(Take a look at what patient’s rights advocate, Dr. Peter Breggin, says about
medication side effects. )

The EFT process can be done without a client revealing or talking about specific upsetting details. This is partly because the method is physical & mental. I hope you explore this website and learn more about this amazing technique.

You're skeptical of course, because you're thinking: "No counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist ever mentioned anything like this to me before. And besides that, it just sounds too good to be true!” And I agree. It does.

There are good reasons why you probably haven’t heard about EFT:

1.) Regarding psychiatrists: Although people still think psychiatrists listen to clients talk about your problems, the reality is most only prescribe medication.

2.) Most counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists still don't know about EFT. And if they do, they don’t know much because the amazing results they hear about make them too skeptical to investigate. It just sounds crazy.

3.) EFT can be a self-help technique, once you learn the details. That means traditional counselors and psychologists think they wouldn’t get repeat business after the first 1-3 sessions. In reality, some people are doers and some want to be taken care of.

4.) Drug companies are behind most media advertising for medications. They make billions of dollars from their meds, and have no interest in telling you about talk therapy or any method that would cause a drop in medication sales.

5.) When was the last time you heard of a self-help “wellness” innovation given a fanfare by the traditional medical establishment when the innovation had nothing to do with tests or procedures done at their facilities. They are in business to make money.

If you’ve read this far, I hope you continue to explore this site.                       Or ...
contact me now with your questions.


VETS WITH PTSD GET BENEFITS UNDER SETTLEMENT is a July 29, 2011 CNN article about a court case that appears to give lifetime disability benefits to veterans with PTSD. Many citizens might cheer about this, thinking these vets will finally get what they deserve. And if I didn't know that a successful, non-medication, healing technique existed to erase PTSD, I might be one of those cheering citizens, too. But, wouldn’t a person with PTSD rather have it gone than get benefits?

One thing that bothers me is that Bart Stichman, co-executive director of a veterans advocacy group, The National Veterans Legal Services Program, said in the CNN article:

"These veterans served our country in time of war, but have waited three to eight years to receive the disability benefits which they've earned for their service...Today, a terrible wrong to our nation's war veterans is being

Does this mean The National Veterans Legal Services Program is more interested in winning a court battle and getting "benefits" for vets than locating the information about Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is easily available on the net? Probably so, because the PTSD victims who hadn’t found acceptable relief from their symptoms, didn’t know what else to do except ask for legal help.

Yet, I wonder why family members of traumatized vets, or the veterans, themselves, aren't doing Google searches to find this helpful information. Perhaps it's simply because everyone is too locked into doing what they've always done, the same old way. They rely on so-called experts and don't ask enough questions. And
experts are frequently closed to new innovations.

Here are 2 reports about EFT and the Veterans Administration.