Relief for Emotional Upset and Traumatic Memories without Meds, Fort Wayne, Indiana

 Escape upsetting memories fast with EFT -  Feel relief you never thought possible!


Escape Emotional Upset Fast with EFT

     From emotional upset!
From traumatic memories!

Escape back pain, migraines, and physical problems that
                   remain unexplained! Does this sound impossible?

Emotional Freedom Techniques, better known as EFT, is bringing surprising, rapid relief to people around the world, and it might do the same for you.  (This is a self-help technique with no meds involved!
Thatís right, no medications!)

1.)  Erase the emotional upset you feel about a traumatic memory from 20, 30, or 40 years ago! Many people call EFT miraculous because of the rapid  relief it brings compared to everything else they've tried. Imagine literally erasing your trauma in 20 or 30 minutes. I'm talking about the upset and overwhelmingly anxiety you feel that's related to a specific memory of abuse, war, grief, you name it!  Donít get me wrong. Iím not saying the memory will disappear, but there's a good chance it will NOT bother you if you do think about it. Wouldnít that seem phenomenal if youíve already been in counseling or therapy for months or years for this particular issue? Rapid resolution sets EFT apart.

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if EFT is new to you, watch these EFT video testimonials first.

2.)  Erase lifelong unnatural fears (phobias) that you thought would last forever. Have you been asking yourself: How can I get over my fear of public speaking? Fear of medical needles or injections? Fear of dentists? Fear of test taking? Fear of enclosed spaces? Fear of pictures of animals or pictures of anything? Fear of thunder or lightning? Fear of germs? You name it!  EFT can help you get over any phobia faster than you ever thought possible.

3.)  Would you like to relieve chronic pain without drugs? I know you're skeptical of what you're reading here. Who wouldnít be? But think about how your life would change if your pain went away without using dangerous medications.

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my guarantee, or read some testimonials.

Faster help for troubled teens and children in crisis is possible with EFT. Kids can learn to relieve their own emotional trauma. The process empowers a child or adolescent to be able to relieve upsetting thoughts, worries, and fears, often in minutes. Most traditional counselors know nothing about EFT and would seriously doubt you if you told them how quickly it helped your child.

5.)  Would you like to
reclaim your sense of taste and smell?

6.)  Do-it-yourself depression relief is possible after you know how to use EFT. Imagine relieving suicidal thoughts in minutes!

Get Over a Relationship Breakup or Divorce Fast - Would you like to relieve and erase the depressing thoughts and feelings that overwhelm you after youíve been rejected or disappointed in a love relationship? You may be surprised by how fast EFT can change the way you feel and think.

8.)  Overwhelming grief could be a thing of the past. Yes, I mentioned this at the top of the page, but I want to emphasize it. If over-the-top grief for a lost loved one has been making you miserable for years, now is your chance to gain control and and start enjoying life again. We also sometimes grieve for a lost opportunity or a place we used to work or live. Any form of grief can be relieved with this process.

Does all this still sound crazy and off-the-wall? Of course it does! That's what everybody thinks when they first hear the claims of EFT.
Welcome to the skeptics club! But what youíve just read and more is a daily reality for many, even though you think it sounds like a scam.

Using EFT on a regular basis might make you feel like youíre living on
your own private island of peace and tranquility. Imagine pain and emotional upset, and a lot of other negative issues no longer ruling your life.

Imagine being able to do the things Iíve talked about for yourself and for your friends and loved ones.

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